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information about acunpuncture for healthcare professionals (physicians, dentists and veterinarians) .Health professionals can find in these pages everything about acupuncture training and applications regarding their fields.

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Latest News:

4th Interdisciplinary Acupuncture Symposium June 2016

The 4th  Interdisciplinary Acupuncture Symposium  was held succesfully by the Greek Scientific Association of Medical Acupuncture on the 4-5 June 2016 at the Divani Caravel hotel. This years topic: Science focuses on prevention   more info: www.acupuncturesymposium.com

3rd Interdisciplinary Acupuncture Symposium June 2015

The Scientific Association of Medical Acupuncture in Greece held the  3rd  Interdisciplinary Acupuncture Symposium on the 20-21 June 2015 at Divani Caravel hotel with the participation of greek and foreign speakers and topic: Bioregulation & Acupuncture.   more info: www.acupuncturesymposium.com

Interdisciplinary Acupunture Symposium 2013

The Scientific Association for Medical Acupuncture in Greece (SAMAG) will host this Interdisciplinary Acupuncture Symposium in June 2013 aiming at bringing together outstanding scientists from all over the world to discuss the exciting advances in acupuncture and in relation to their respective fields. We believe that to improve our knowledge regarding human health, we should combine different points of views, and discuss across different specialties. That was the idea of this congress. By using diverse techniques we end up in similar findings, the same way that with similar techniques we end up in diverse results. more info: www.acupuncturesymposium.com